Wanderlust! Europe‘s Most Beautiful Hiking Paths
Series of 10 Documentaries for SWR + ARTE

Hiking. Hiking is green. Hiking is healthy. Hiking is sharing experiences.
10 documentaries highlight some of the most beautiful, fascinating and exciting hiking trails in Europe.
The documentaries accompany a protagonist: Bradley Mayhew, 43, senior writer for Lonely Planet Publications, an enthusiastic hiker and trekker.
The trails: Cornwall Coast Path, Crete's GR7 / Greece, Mallorca Island / Spain, R.L.Stevenson Trail / France, Saar-Hunsruck-Steig / Germany, Amalfi Coast / Italy, Andalousia / Spain, Dingle and Kerry Ways / Ireland, Saint Olav Ways / Norway, Lechweg / Austria.

"The Sound of Change – Berlin, Techno, and the Fall of the Wall"
The year 2014 marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. A 52-minute documentary looks at the rise of techno as the soundtrack to the reunification of Germany.

Following the fall of the Wall in 1989, the young people of East and West Germany converge. In illegal clubs located on the former "death strip", they dance the night away to a raw electronic music. The new sound reinforces the sense of freedom that arises with the fall of the Wall and Germany's reunification. The documentary follows the evolution of the first pan-German youth movement.
Party people and artists have their say, as do the DJs that came from abroad to spin records in Berlin. Their memories, thoughts, considerations, and stories are grouped in accordance to historical events. They tell of clubs and parties and wild nights, but also of Helmut Kohl, the Treuhand (German Federal Privatization Agency), and how the East and West came together. The voices, interwoven with original and historical material, not only paint a vivid picture of the times, but also reveal the close relationship shared by Pop and political history.
The documentary is based on the oral histories found in the book The Sound of Family – Berlin, Techno and the Reunification (Suhrkamp Publishers), by Felix Denk and Sven von Thülen.


Daily Life along the Ayeyarwady

2x43 and 2 x 52 minutes

After decades of military rule Myanmar, formerly Burma, has opened up and started a democratic reform process. On the occasion of the positive changes in Myanmar we have been commissioned to produce a 2-part documentary on the Ayeyarwady River.
As it’s main traffic artery the river crosses the entire country from North to South, from the foothills of the Himalayas to the Andaman Sea.
The films focus on landscape & culture and tell about the daily life of the people. We meet captains and rafters, farmers and craftsmen, gold panners and monks. Young Burmese especially we see finding their way between tradition and modernity, between concern and hope for a new era. A journey granting fascinating insights into a country in transition.

Series of 5 films of 43’00, HD, stereo.

Marco Polo Reloaded re-travels the Silk Road on the tracks of its most well-known voyager: the mediaeval traveler and writer Marco Polo. Five road movie style-documentaries imagine the past and show today’s reality, in countries like Turkey, Israel, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, the Central Asian Republics and China. The five films accompany a travel writer, Bradley Mayhew, 39, born in England, a senior writer for Lonely Planet Publications.
The films show what is happening if one re-travels Marco Polo’s journey again, 700 years after him, his book in mind , overland, by means of local transport, covering the ancient trade-route on its entire length from Venice to Beijing.Today as in Polo’s times some areas are off-limits, dangerous, ridden by crisis or war and the traveler is forced detours. Travelling the Silk Road today is as exciting and adventurous as it was in Marco Polo’s time.

43 Min., HD, stereo

The Grand Canal of China is the longest man-made waterway of the world, 1,800 km long, 2500 years old, and busy until today. It connects Beijing with the fertile Yellow River and the Yangtze River basins. It passes 30 cities with more than three million inhabitants and ends in the beautiful town of Hangzhou, the ‚Venice of the East’.
A documentary of 45 minutes contrasts history and presence. We tell about the early tamers of the water of the Sui Dynasty and see skyscrapers grow along the Canal. We ride on tug boats, pass temples and pagodes, meet cormorant fishers. In the evening we visit a popular opera which is performed on the deck of a boat. We meet a preservation expert from Italy who is commissioned by the Chinese administration. China wants to make an apply at the UNESCO to get the Grand Canal appointed world cultural heritage.

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