In 1992 four journalists and filmmakers joined forces to produce the first documentary on the river Mekong from the source to the mouth. That is how Bernd Girrbach, Rolf Lambert, Manfred Linke and Elke Werry founded Along Mekong Productions (AMP). Today AMP conceives, develops, and produces documentaries and documentary series, mainly for the German Public Television and for ARTE, the European cultural channel. Over the years, the company got the reputation of being able to film without too many problems in "difficult" places such as Libya, North Korea, Afghanistan, Iran, lately in Myanmar. Issues range from ethnological and historical subjects to developmental affairs, and include culinary, cultural and subcultural topics.


ROLF LAMBERT studied political sciences and German literature, M.A.. Journalist. Author and director and since 1986, frequent traveller, works mainly abroad, with a special liking for Asia.



MANFRED LINKE studied political sciences, history and sociology at Heidelberg and Konstanz universities, M.A. Journalist. Special interest in historical subjects and archaeology. Manfred has also a good hand for AMP electronics and keeps the editing suite running.




MATHEWS ANTHONY AMBROSE grew up and finished school in Malaysia. Worked as a DJ in Kuala Lumpur, and since 1996 in film production, as editor. As a freelancer he lives now in Germany, regularly editing or making sound for AMP.


studied political sciences and economics at Heidelberg university. Journalist. News editor, correspondent for agencies in West Africa, assigned as ARD radio correspondent to numerous locations in Africa, before he co-founded AMP. For 25 years we have made numeous films together. In summmer 2014 Bernd passed away while working in Turkey. His spirit remains alive within AMP.