Part 1 : Below high peaks, 45 Min.
Part 2: Facing the sun, 45 Min.

Between Mont Blanc and the Cote d’Azur stretches a landscape full of contrasts.
Glaciers shine above high valleys. Lonely villages are connected by spectacular traffic routes. The French Alps: a sparsely populated mountain world, at the same time a fragile cultural space that is undergoing change.

With new ideas and a lot of enthusiasm, the people who are at home here are shaping the future of their mountains. An organic farmer cultivates exotic spices, a park ranger strengthens the resistance of ibexes and young scientists enrich the underwater life in reservoirs with floating islands.

A Film from Pia Grzesiak and Rolf Lambert
DOP: Bertrand Delapierre
Editing: Manfred Linke
Chief editor: Susanne Gebhardt
Produced by Along Mekong Productions, Heidelberg,
for SWR and ARTE


Winters in this 150 km long mountain range of South Germany are normally rough and rich with snow. Nowadays with the climate change, it is getting warmer. It often rains instead of snowing. That means quite a challenge for some of its inhabitants.

The film shows this large mountainous area in the special light of a winter that comes and goes, where snowfalls are right away followed by melting weather, in which cold and warm temperatures alternate abruptly – a cultural landscape in time of global warming.
A Film from Pia Grzesiak and Rolf Lambert DoP: André Götzmann Editing: Manfred Linke Chief editor: Susanne Gebhardt Produced by Along Mekong Productions, Heidelberg, for SWR and ARTE


Part 1: Winter and spring
Part 2: Summer and fall

The Black Forest is the only cultural landscape in Germany which is linked in all european language with a deeply rooted picture: Schwarzwald, Forêt Noire, Selva Negra, … Today though the patchwork landscape of forests and meadows, orchards and wineyards is all man made.

As its ecology becomes more and more fragile due to the climate change, a large part of the Black Forest stays now under protection. And the landscape is changing everywhere: the objective is to make it for fit for the future, in all aspects: forestry, tourism, agriculture, economic development and nature protection. The two films present different people who adress this challenge, through out the seasons : scientifics, foresters, start-uppers, nature lovers, … and allow an immersion in the largest low mountain range and one of the most beautiful area of Germany. A timber farmer explains what sustainability means to him, young biologists investigate how wildlife and growing tourism can get along, an earthquake researcher tests the world’s most sensitive seismometers in a secluded Black Forest valley, an organic winegrower relies on new grape varieties – and truffles – in the face of climate change.

A Film from Pia Grzesiak and Rolf Lambert
DoP: André Götzmann
Editing: Manfred Linke
Chief editors: Ulrike Becker, Susanne Gebhardt
Produced by Along Mekong Productions, Heidelberg,
for SWR, in co-production with Arte
© 2020


From dawn into the night, a complete daily routine in Mannheim, one of the most dynamic city of Germany. But how does the metropolis of the Rhine-Neckar delta work? To find out, a 90-minute documentary shows a complete daily routine in Mannheim – in front of and behind the scenes.

The film dives in the different worlds and backgrounds of the 333.000 inhabitants’ city, which hail from 170 nationalities. It opens unexpected insights into public and non-public life of a city, that is as much down-to-earth as it is open-minded and which centre is divided into “quadrats” (squares).

With Mannheim, the SWR documentary portrays a metropolis in which immigration has a long tradition. After the end of the Thirty Years’ War, French, Dutch, Portuguese and Poles came to rebuild the destroyed city. From the 1960s onwards, Italians, Greeks and later Turks moved in to work in the industrial factories. In the meantime, their grandchildren work there. In impressive aerial shots and close to the people of Mannheim, the film powerfully presents the most diverse faces of a thoroughly colourful city. The soundtrack composed for the film captures the tone, the rhythm and dynamics of Mannheim.